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tv   The Five  FOX News  August 14, 2019 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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their stock slipping as well today compared to yesterday. >> neil: a lot of other companies during the same thing. we will continue to explore. right now or come "the five." ♪ >> i am jesse watters with emily compagno, juan williams, dana perino, greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five" ." we now know why the jail guards never checked on jeffrey epstein before he currently committed suicide. it was because they were sleeping on the job. the two guards reportedly fell asleep for three hours when he believed to have died. they falsified the log to cover it up. federal investigators, including a suicide reconstruction team are on the scene at the manhattan jail where the
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convicted sex offender was found dead. the mystery is growing on the whereabouts of the british socialite who allegedly helped epstein recruit young girls. reports claim ghislaine maxwell is hiding at a secluded mansion in new england but the homeowner tells fox news she's not there. greg, does it surprise you that prison guards fell asleep for three hours and never checked on this guy? >> greg: i am surprised you didn't pronounce the s in ghislaine's name. >> jesse: did i get it wrong? >> greg: i think you got it right, which is what surprises me. generally you would've middle-aged that name -- mutilated that name. what else is a prison guard supposed to do but guard the prisoner? what were you doing? were you having a secret board meeting to talk about the lunch menu or the logo on the new uniforms. i don't understand how this happens. they had one job. if this were a movie, will be rolling our eyes. you have a sleeping guard, two
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sleeping guards and a high-profile case. cameras aren't working. the roommate is removed. they had coordinated decoy ambulances. this is less realistic as a movie than "lord of the rings," and that had hobbits. hobbits aren't real. the point is and i said this yesterday and i'll say it again. incompetence looks like corruption. you can't tell. the fact is the post office lost 8 billion or seven billions. bureaucracy is pretty bad. this is another example of a large business run terribly. >> jesse: juan, do you suspect foul play is involved or is it mere incompetence? >> juan: they say should look for the most obvious answer and the most obvious answer is that these guys fell asleep. apparently they were working extensive overtime. apparently one of them have been working eight straight days or something crazy like that. you know it, they're not paying attention. it was a weekend for them,
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summer weekend. i think they didn't do their job, to underline that point. late at night, i'll do what i want to do. a piece of "the new york times" about a woman who said she was 14 or 15 when she was raped by epstein with the help of, how do you say it? >> dana: ghislaine maxwell. >> juan: and she is doing maxwell, the person that nobody can find. what strikes me is the morality of these people, like yesterday there was a piece in which i think it was -- james stewart, the columnist, said what epstein said to him, today we think gay people are okay. there was a time when that was considered out-of-bounds. i think that's the way they're going to view adult men and teenage girls in the future and i think these people have a perverse sense of morality and i think it comes from the same kind of entitlement and
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privilege that has protected epstein and other rich men who act in a predatory manner with regards to sex. >> jesse: some of these men could face some exposure even after his death, isn't it right? >> emily: we have heard attorney general barr say that the hunt won't stop, the investigation won't stop. in james stewart's article, as well as charlie gasparino, we know there is apparently a trove of photographs and evidence. none of those coconspirators or actors are safe if there's direct evidence for it. i want to point out a couple things for viewers. you and i talked about the standard, for the estate to sue a guard, you should have been watching this inmate and he committed suicide, you failed your duties. that is deliberate indifference, it's higher than negligence and it's a hard barter cross.
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in terms of falsifying documents, it's a federal crime, i had an employee who falsified document, technically a felony. i got to counsel him because i was subscribed or circumscribed by the precedent of his union which these guys are member of and there's a 14% reduction of that union and that's why it's so understaffed. like everything, we can't oversimplify and there's a lot of problems that toxic system but in terms of what repercussions we could see relating to the actual death itself, it likely won't be that big until the results of the investigations, out systemicall systemically. >> jesse: what was this painting everyone is talking about? >> dana: i missed the painting. >> jesse: the report about a painting. >> greg: do we have it? >> jesse: we don't have rights to it. let's not even talk about it then. >> dana: will you tell me in the commercial break? >> greg: it was bill clinton in a blue dress.
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>> jesse: it wasn't a photograph. it was a painting. >> greg: i like that that was the question you were going to ask dana. >> jesse: there was a dog in the painting. i was trying to make it more relatable. >> juan: oh, my gosh. >> jesse: the radon island, apparently there was a safe, there was video surveillance on the island. the island seems to be ground zero for a lot of the investigation. >> dana: and also an open secret. we are learning about it now but it seems to me plenty of people went to the island. a lot of people worked there. pilots and things. in ghislaine maxwell said she got a helicopter license if she could, it's what she told "vanity fair" ." she would fedex for rollerblades to the island so they would be there for her so she didn't have to carry them. she got a helicopter pilot's license so she could transfer anybody she wanted to on the island of the pilots didn't know anything about it. that's suspicious.
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can i say one thing about the jail? i wanted to get greg's take on it. robots don't fall asleep. >> greg: that's true. >> dana: i think some innovations, you could see innovation in the future in the next 20, 25 years where you have a different type of guard. >> emily: it exists in some suicide watches and some penitentiaries. >> juan: they have sensors. even as a prisoner, they want to sleep. >> dana: technology, to me technology seems like something. >> greg: the cameras weren't even trained in the right spot. they have the easiest technology that we see everywhere we go. we are on camera. where the most surveilled culture in history the most important criminal in the country didn't have a camera on them. when you said it's an open secret. you know what an open secret is? some things powerful people get
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away with that no one else does. no average person can have an open secret that harvey weinstein can. >> jesse: i guess the investigation will move forward. could you interview the pilots who flew planes to the island and -- if they lie there in big trouble. you could say did you fly this person? what did you see on the flight? movie that's how it could unravel. >> juan: so ghislaine maxwell remains the primary person i want to talk to. i believe she was most involved with that i read today in the papers that even to convict her going to be very difficult because without epstein, you have to prove that she knew that there is abuse taking place. you can imagine she's going to say i was helping him introduce him to a young woman but i didn't know he was doing anything wrong. >> jesse: and if there's no paper trail, you're right. that would be very hard to prov prove. >> emily: accusations that she participated in the abuse. she could be on the hook for that.
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it's a situation most difficult for the victims. everyone wants someone on the hook. hopefully there can be some patience described and hopefully the estate will be sequestered in some way so that the victims can get a piece and it might look like a civil forfeiture with the preponderance of evidence criminal standard which is likely. >> greg: the reason why he got away with being a predator is because he got away with this ponzi scheme. if they have been able to get him at the ponzi scheme which enabled all of this predatory behavior, the predatory behavior might not happen. how was he able to get away with the ponzi schemes for so long? >> juan: why did wexner not say anything about two weeks ago, losing tens of millions of dollars. you would think he had the wherewithal to call them on the carpet but he didn't. >> emily: epstein said everyone treated him like the minister. he said i almost got my ministers license i could have a form of protection. everyone confided him because they thought he was worse than they were. everyone else was depraved to
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some degree too. >> jesse: looks like his estates worth about half a billion dollars and hopefully they can divided up amongst the victims if they can prove he did this. it's the battle for the american worker. president trump blasted democratic rivals in a key battleground state. new poll numbers could mean trouble for joe biden. 2020 up next. happy birthday!
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♪ >> dana: it's a fight for working americans that
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president trump secured in 2016 and i was looking to regain their support. turning up the heat on the democratic contenders in pennsylvania yesterday. >> we will have to hit pocahontas very hard again if she does win but she staging a little bit of a comeback. what a group. pocahontas and sleepy joe. i don't think they give a damn about western pennsylvania. >> you are the ones who work hard, pay your taxes, build your neighborhood and i do have a finding of a president of the united states who is loyal to you. >> dana: dnc responding this morning. >> it's clear democrats stand on the side of workers. i think you see democrats talking about wanting to raise wages. skills training. we're talking about how were going to fuel the economy. polling shows voters are sick of him tweeting and the attacks. i think if he continues that,
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democrats will be in a strong position. >> dana: this comes as joe biden's front runner status may be starting to slip. new national poll shows elizabeth warren in a virtual tie with the former vice president. and new hampshire the new poll has bernie sanders beating biden. iowa and new hampshire, not built-in advantages for joe biden. south carolina, he has the wall of support. >> greg: you are looking at me as though you are asking a question. >> dana: i was thinking should i ask writing this question and then i was thinking he's going to ask why am i asking this question. >> greg: yesterday we talked about trump's success with small donors, it reflects grassroots passion and the average voter's passion for him. who exceeds him? bernie. small donors between 60% and 70%. he is the guy to galvanize the trump opposition. no one has his support or authenticity. you know who else has 60, 70%
2:17 pm
plus donors. liz warren. liz and bernie are essentially the same candidate which means when one drops out it absorbs the other. >> dana: they are going to have to start attacking each other. >> greg: i think one's going to have to go away and they joined together. bernie's people aren't going to go to joe and liz's people aren't going to go to joe. you're going to have a plurality of 40%. >> dana: who wins, juan? >> greg: i don't like the show anymore. >> dana: is common sense politics. >> greg: sitting next to you for so long, dana, i have absorbed it. >> dana: is neutral, juan, elizabeth warren at some point, and bernie sanders, someone's gonna have to join the fight. >> juan: the flight has been going on. it doesn't benefit either of them to attack the other. you don't want to alienate people you want to come to your side. the fact is elizabeth warren is
2:18 pm
clearly the person with momentum. this has been clear for a long time, and bernie sanders who is carping even about the liberal press is the one who is following. part of this is, as i said before, feels like i've said this movie before when it comes to bernie. i've seen a lot of the rhetoric, the attacks. doesn't have any freshness. elizabeth warren with her ideas, a solution, plan, her energy, it's been something. right now if all the bad news we've seen on the stock market today, the dow was down -- >> dana: just one day. >> juan: over the last three weeks the dow has lost 7%. when you factor in that there's going to be a higher awareness of the nation's economy and its impact, suddenly elizabeth warren and all that she said about consumer protections, rating and wall street, don't let the big guys savior too big to fail, it has new applications. >> dana: what about western
2:19 pm
pennsylvania? president trump went there for reason. he needs pennsylvania to stay red and in the last debate joe biden said he would get rid of fossil fuels in ten years. >> jesse: really dumb comment from sleepy joe. the american worker has shifted from the democratic party to the republican party under trump. trump's focus on trade, immigration, energy. the democrats have capitulated on all those things. you think about america first or made in america and the attack on that and the attack on china. that kind of economic nationalism has really galvanized wage growth and really seen an explosion in manufacturing this country that's focused on u.s. steel, u.s. autos, and even unions have peeled away that support from the democratic party and the democrats were caught totally flat-footed in 2016 and now they are playing defense of their own rust belt. on the border, trump has protected the american worker from cheap labor that drives those wages down and steals american jobs and the democrats
2:20 pm
have decided to side with foreign workers and against the american worker and the american worker does not like that. trump's focus on american energy independence, energy dominance. talking about reestablishing drilling and exploitation for natural gas and reemerging: west virginia. what the democrats have done, the democrats have said okay, we are going to get rid of coal and oil and gas and that would destroy the u.s. economy. you have to give trump some credit but you also have to blame the democrats. >> juan: let me quickly rebut it. >> jesse: you can't do it quickly. >> juan: in the midterms, the democrats won. they won by saying we stand for you. trump goes to that plant. when shell said they were going to build that plant, 2121 barack obama -- >> jesse: you've seen jobs in
2:21 pm
that sector go up by 5,000. >> dana: emily to speak. >> emily: thank you. i had a point about the show plant. it's a unique part of the country. stalwart republicans like ronald reagan and both bush presidents. mccain secured it for the g.o.p., not because he was likable because the policy was running against were so liberal. republicans winning by increasing margins there. i think no biden over anyone else is the only democratic candidate that actually has a chance of carrying those counties surrounding pittsburgh because it hearkens back to the prounion democratic -- >> dana: we have a fox news alert for you. we are monitoring the situation out of philadelphia. police are in a standoff with an apparent gunman. our local station wt accept
2:22 pm
reporting three officers have been shot. one in the hand, one in the head, one of the arms. were going to take a quick break and come back with these breaking developments next. fun fact: 1 in 4 of us millennials have debt we might die with. and most of that debt is actually from credit cards. it's just not right. but with sofi, you can get your credit cards right - by consolidating your credit card debt into one monthly payment. you can get your interest rate right - by locking in a fixed low rate today. and you can get your money right. with sofi. check your rate in 2 minutes or less. get a no-fee personal loan up to $100k. we're oscar mayer deli fresh your very first sandwich,m... your mammoth masterpiece. and...whatever this was. because we make our meat with the good of the deli and no artificial preservatives. make every sandwich count with oscar mayer deli fresh.
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freestyle libre 14 day system. you can do it without fingersticks. learn more at >> shepard: there is breaking news on fox news channel. i am shepard smith. the five will return in a moment. there is a standoff in philadelphia right now on fox news 29 in philadelphia is reporting at least three police officers have been shot. this is an active scene three details coming up. the area is nice town tioga on the north side of philadelphia. near temple university. police say the situation is still active and ongoing, several police officers have been injured. jason martinez is a reporter at fox 29 in philly reports officially three officers shot,
2:27 pm
one in both arms, one in the hand, and one in the head. all three officers taken to the nearby hospital of the officer who was shot in the head is said to be conscious and alert and communicating with authorities. and with hospital workers. this began with what's been described as a wild shoot-out. we don't know how it began or under what circumstances but more than 100 shots fired, according to witnesses and reporters on scene. we know that there was a shoot out, at least at one point, all of this began sometime after 4:30 eastern time, about an hour ago. we believe at this moment from police reports and otherwise that there's a standoff right now, that a suspect or multiple suspects are believed to be holed up inside a building, likely a residence, and that police are attempting to negotiate. we know that a number of
2:28 pm
suspects are in custody. we have reports of anywhere from one to three suspects in custody. we don't know what began this shoot-out or who the officers are who were injured. this moment, it does not appear that the officers about whom i'm speaking have life-threatening injuries. now we have just confirmed, fox news has just confirmed the actual number of police officer shot is four. but absolutely wild seen on the north side of philly, nicetown-tioga near the health center for temple university. the local newspaper is saying that the first shots were fired at about 4:30 and the specific location, 3700 block of north 15th street. the shooter was inside the house in the block, still firing shots shortly after 5:00 eastern time. 30 minutes ago, one shooter was
2:29 pm
inside a house firing from that house towards officers and others as officers reportedly return fire. one officer was struck in the head, as i mentioned very conscious, alert, communicating with authorities. they have a number of new stations with whom we work, the local cbs station in philadelphia, the network news service for file. cvs 10 reporting "it was like a scene you see in a war at a time when everybody was having dinner," the one officer hit in the head is conscious and communicating. that's according to police, we have that confirmed. second officer hit in both arms, third officer shot in the arm and now they report of a fourth officer shot. that's been confirmed by philly police. at least one suspect in custody but there's is a massive response in north philadelphia. five pictures on the ground, we
2:30 pm
are being careful not to show police movement. here's how it started according to our network news service affiliate cvs 10. police were called to the scene for are not -- narcotics activity. that's according to a philadelphia police captain. from nbc 10 in philly, it was like a scene you see in war at a time when everybody was having dinner. this is daylight. children are running around playing. fox 10, philadelphia 10, nbc 10 saying its four people who have been shot, officer calls for everything you've got, swap, long gone. a law enforcement official can be heard saying on audio. and "i have an officer shot." four officers injured, shot and injured, at least one suspect in custody, maybe multiple. as you might imagine, getting information in a scene that's so chaotic. it's been difficult to do and certainly understandable that
2:31 pm
the authorities are working to get the scene under control. the last confirmed report was that they are still seeking a suspect was holed up inside a building. we haven't gotten an update from police and the last few minutes but our last report, that was confirmed. police response has been extra ordinary. we can see on other cameras that were not going to show you because of the police concerns that the suspect might be watching television. there are other angles i have that i'm not going to show so that the suspect wouldn't have a chance to see it. police cars, dozens and dozens, as many as 100 on scene and a large part of the neighborhood around the temple university health center is shut down. police are working an active shooter scene. we will continue to update the situation in philadelphia throughout the afternoon and evening hours on fox news channel. a quick commercial break and then "the five" is back. my insurance rates are probably gonna double.
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>> shepard: continuing breaking news, the situation in philadelphia has escalated. the number of police officer shot in the north of philadelphia is now five and now we know from the reporting of fox 29 in philly that this is a very active situation. here's what we've just learned. there is a suspect in custody but there is another who is armed and shooting at this moment inside a building in north philadelphia. again, very near temple university's hospital. barricaded in this building on the first floor, according to the reporting of fox 29 in philly, a gunman with a weapon whose shooting up the reason he's doing that is that on the next floor up in a bedroom in this building is set narcotics officer from the philadelphia police department. this all began with narcotics activity. that's the reason the police went in. on the second floor there is a
2:37 pm
narcotics officer with two prisoners, to suspects in custody. likely handcuffed and another police officer also inside the building in a bathroom also with the prisoner also likely handcuffed. on the first floor is a shooter firing into the ceiling. on the second floor above are two police officers who have three prisoners in the shoot-out, the shooting on the part of the suspect, is continuing. we now know five police officers total have been shot. it's the reporting of fox 29 in philly that all of them are in stable condition. one shot in the head is alert and communicating with doctors at the hospital. all of this area is on lockdown. the hospital was on lockdown. the area campus of temple university is on lockdown, and fox 29 in philly is live on scene in multiple locations. the video you will see is on delay. we do not want to give away the
2:38 pm
activities of the police in real time. fox 29 philadelphia. >> we hear what's happening, you get a sense that the community is still here. people are watching is all this is unfolding in their neighborhood. when we arrived here, you heard the gentleman that i spoke to talk about hearing a loud siren. it could be heard throughout north philly. we were pulling up here. police officers telling people to get off the streets, get out of the way. in addition to trying to get the situation under control here, they are trying to keep the public safe. we always see situations like this where people want to come out as he was going on but police, in addition to tending to their own, trying to make sure the community is safe. >> they really need to do, stay away from the area, it's an extremely active scene. we're going to go back to chris o'connell. chris i understand you just heard some more shots fired. >> about 3 minutes ago we heard
2:39 pm
two rounds of gunfire, each about six or seven shots a piece coming about a minute after one another. we saw police officers scurry from the scene, many of them wearing their tactical gear. not sure exactly where the gun shots came from. if it was from the gunman or police. right now the situation is still unfolding. gunman still held at bay, holding police barricade right now. several hundred police officers here in north philadelphia from all parts of the city converging here, supporting the five police officers who have been shot. we can only assume that the person they are looking for is that gunman. it happened about 4:30. police were neighbors here in this neighborhood say they heard lots of gunfire. and then police swarming to the scene. short time afterwards. we came up to the scene up broad street.
2:40 pm
broad street was probably four or five blocks thick with traffic of police vehicles outside the area and on their way to temple university hospital which is not far away. at the scene, hundreds of police officers still with their guns drawn outside a house outside one of philadelphia near broad and erie street, very tense scene. police telling neighbors to stay inside. they want to come out and see what's going on, but this is an active situation. we heard gunfire minutes ago ourselves. looks like police, big group of police look like they are getting a briefing. were going to try to get more information from the scene but as you can imagine, it's still . police are not right now concerned with giving us information. they are trying to protect themselves and protect the residents of the neighborhood, as five police officers now, casualties of gunfire in this
2:41 pm
sunny summer afternoon in the city of philadelphia. very, very sad afternoon. >> shepard: from fox 29 in philadelphia, reporters live on scene. this started at 4:30 this afternoon. police got a call. they go to this building and the nice town section, the north end of philadelphia. cops came, and a number of them, and a shoot-out began. as many as 100 shots fired in the early going. we first caught word of three officers injured, one shot in the hand, one shot in both arms, one shot in the head. all stable. the one shot in the head communicating and alert. then we learned a fourth officer had been shot. then we learned the fifth officer have been shot. knowing learned a sixth officer who was en route to the scene in his patrol car or her patrol car was in a car crash and severely injured while responding. the entire area is locked down.
2:42 pm
reporters on scene still hearing shots being fired and the story that's being painted by fox 29 in philadelphia is of a suspect on the first floor with a gun firing into the ceiling. two cops on floors above, don't know if it's a second or, each with prisoners who are in handcuffs or zip ties or something. they are restrained in some way. the gunman holding police at bay on the outside while shooting into the ceiling. ongoing right now. live coverage from fox 29 in philly. let's listen. >> let's get to our fox 29 reporter. he's been working his sources, trying to get information. what have you learned, dave? because we can confirm from some high-ranking police officials that i've just spoken to the terrified officers in total here that have been shot in the sixth officer involved in an accident. their injuries are varied, from what we are being told.
2:43 pm
two are stable, three are at temple. there's been no update from temple yet on the conditions of those officers. there is swat in the area. there are shots being fired, still no idea as to what kind of weapons the suspect is using more suspects, whether it's a handgun, a long gone, possibly an assault weapon. swat has completely surrounded that building. you heard chris say there were more shots being fired, bursts of five and six at a time. they are trying to negotiate with the suspect or suspects inside to get them out. there are two narcotics officers barricaded inside the home, one in a bedroom and wanted a bathroom and the suspect may be moving up and down a stairwell, shooting upwards into the area. they report that the crime scene unit is at the hospital. the next step once this gets under control and a suspect is taken into custody is gathering
2:44 pm
evidence on exactly what happened. that means ballistic evidence, bullets, any kind of fragments, anything that might be on the officers clothing, things like that, at the scene as they treat the officers. they've got to preserve all that for any kind of future prosecution if the suspect is indeed taken alive and prosecuted. the district attorney on the right coming out of temple university hospital. lots of fluid situations going on right now, the most paramount right now is getting the suspect or suspects out of the building and getting the officers who may be entitled prisoners out of the building safely in addition to keeping the public and the surrounding area safe. very fluid situation. temple university has seen far too many of these kind of situations with officers brought there to the trauma unit. excellent, top-level trauma unit. they are great at saving lives if that's what's necessary here. so far we don't have any indication that the injuries are
2:45 pm
of the serious, serious nature. we have been told stable. critical. a graze wound to the head. that was preliminary. we haven't had an update in an hour. i'm sure their primary concern is there officers their familie families. these situations, i've been through seeing police officers shot and killed in the line of duty here in philadelphia. we don't have that situation here. i have to stress that. anytime it happens, it's all hands on deck to secure the situation and bring the suspect into custody and make sure those officers are safe and at the hospital getting the best treatment they can get. >> as we were hearing earlier, the city in the region at a standstill. several streets blocked, shut down near west erie and broad. the active situation still going
2:46 pm
on around the house that chris o'connell showed you. i believe we have some new video want to show you. this is not live. it's from earlier. do we have the video showing one of the officers injured? you can see the circle pointing out, relatively good information. it appears all the five officers have been shot are responsive. they are alert, talking. it appears they're going to be okay. speak out the officer a graze wound, they had the stretcher out for him. we can't forget to mention 30, 45 minutes ago, we saw a suspect arrested and detained at the scene. not clear if he was part of the situation or somebody else who broke the law or police believe broke the law in the area. this does appear to have begun with some kind of narcotics confrontation between police and the suspects. there appears to be, according to jeff, two officers told
2:47 pm
barricaded inside with as many as three suspects that may be a fourth. that appears to be what cops are dealing with right now as far as trying to figure out how to end the situation. they are trained for every situation you can think of. right now they are strategizing with the next move is, keeping those two officers may vary -- barricaded inside. >> as we heard, may be minutes ago, chris o'connell will still hearing some shots being fired. some witnesses said they heard hundreds of rounds fired. we've heard reports it was a firefight. barricade situation, as we've been showing you in that house. this is just west of the erie avenue substation. >> shepard: it's around temple health center in north philadelphia. new information, our good friends at fox 29 in philadelphia with the ground coverage for us. i want to give you something else we've just gotten, cbs
2:48 pm
philly. "of the four officers wounded by gunfire, they are nonlife-threatening injuries. a fifth officer was heard in a crash corresponding to the scene in the nicetown-tioga section of the city, also not life-threatening." the initial report of five shot and one injured in a crash may have been inaccurate, as often early reports are, though they did come from police officers. appears were getting clarity and hears new information. the deputy commissioner of the police department says that the gunfire, that the gunman fired repeatedly of police, reloaded and continued to fire at police. gunshots continued to be heard in that area right now. a live report on fox 29. let's listen. >> not uncommon in north philadelphia but it was today, that many gunshots in that amount of time. we are just a block off theory at the police tape, about a block away from erie, probably
2:49 pm
two blocks away from where the e understand, police officers holed up in that house. talking with residents, it was about 4:30 one does this dozens of gunshots were heard. my videographer has been doing amazing work trying to get around. what's your name? you live in this area. describe the mood here for people at home. describe what's going on. >> it's crazy right now. too much going on. way too much going on. >> did you hear anything? >> shepard: it appears there's been a new development. two of our network news service affiliates in philadelphia are just now reporting in the last few seconds that more officers have been shot. both the abc station and the cbs reporting and i will quote "the
2:50 pm
suspect is picking off cops." that is from the abc station. from the cbs station, six officers injured. this shooter is still inside the home. we are not showing you this home intentionally. because police are making new words outside it and they don't want any suspect inside to be able to see what it is they are planning to do. they need to get this person and the scene secured. the gunman is still in there and is still firing. in the floor above him there are two officers with a total of three prisoners at home he is also attempting to fire through the ceiling where he has himself barricaded in. if these reports are accurate the abc station that he is "picking off police officers," that would truly be an escalation. it's certainly possible that this commander from the police department who has told this to
2:51 pm
the local television station, it's possible some lines have been crossed here. but who are we to withhold information that is come directly from the police? i'm passing along to you what we know. certainly a horrible situation is now we have confirmed hundreds of rounds have been fired. the situation is active. let's listen. >> at least not critical once. two of them are einstein and three are temple. the mirrors there there, the district attorney is there. the fop president , atf is on e scene. this is the 3700 block of north 15th street, the house where the suspect appears to be barricaded at west erie and north's hidden hand. >> waiting to find out how the officers barricaded inside are doing. not clear if those officers have
2:52 pm
any communication with officers on the outside, if they are able to talk to them about what's happening inside, able to use their radios to communicate, that remains to be seen. there may be as many as three to four suspects inside. >> shepard: reporter from another local station has said live on the air in philadelphia that he just heard six more shots fired from inside the building. continuing with fox 29. >> another barricaded in the bathroom with one prisoner. the fight is still going on. the suspected shooter shooting through walls and ceilings reportedly. insane situation unfolding. >> the atf has tweeted that they are assisting. it's going to be a mutual aid, multiple agency situation. the atf involved providing whatever assistance they can
2:53 pm
with five officers shot. it would be surprising to see if federal agents show up. fox 29 reporter jeff cole. what have you learned? >> you can bet almost every federal agency is going to be in on this and i bet they have officers up there. certainly the atf is going to be involved. just a warning to our viewers, we are working this as quickly as we can, as well as we can. attempting confirmed the best we can. i'm told this was the philadelphia police department strike force engaged in an arrest type activity, investigation. i'm told there is one narcotics officer and a back bedroom in there with two prisoners. they may be cuffed. he is barricaded in there. another officer in a bathroom with a loan prisoner. we understand according to a
2:54 pm
source i'm talking to, the shooter is still using his weapon. maybe on the lower floor shooting up or is moving up and down the stairs of the structur structure. >> you have one officer and a bedroom. >> shepard: the network new service affiliate in philadelphia is reporting that there was at least an attempt for police to enter the building to try to neutralize the situation. at that point, the reporters on scene heard five to six shots fired and now waiting on updates about what happened then. multiple stations now reporting police have entered the building and activities are ongoing. >> may be going up and down the stairs. >> you don't know anything about the building they are in. is it an apartment building, a house? >> i don't. i'm not on the scene.
2:55 pm
i'm working my source on the phone. >> from here it looks like it could be a home or possibly all multifamily residence. this is as much as we are going to show you, even though we probably could, were not going to show you anymore. do not compromise police strategy. >> the shooter firing apparently at random. those reports that he may be firing through the ceiling or through walls. judging by the injuries of the officers, hand and leg wounds, we heard different reports. it doesn't appear to be exact sniper by any means. it appears to be a messy, chaotic situation. one witness telling chris o'connell there were hundreds of rounds being fired, not sure what we are zooming in on. a person sticking a head out of the window. don't believe that has anything to do with the ongoing barricade situation. >> people being told to stay
2:56 pm
inside. temple university nearby. the whole neighborhood unlocked locked down. trying to get a look at what's going on. what you can see our police not moving, waiting for orders. swat is on hand, strike team on hand to try to figure what their next move will be paid right now can report that at least dozens of rounds have been fired, if not hundreds. chris o'connell heard multiple. while we were live, we heard shots. not sure if it's slow gunfire, semiautomatic. it's a scary situation all around for the folks in the neighborhood, in the middle of the evening commute home with so many people outside. we have no reports of civilians being shot. five police officers and one officer heard in a car accident. >> reports right now are that there is one shooter but multiple suspects were people of interest involved. about an hour ago we watched as officers took one person into
2:57 pm
custody on the street. quite a distance away from the house where they are focused. seems like there are multiple people involved, jeff telling us a few different people in that house barricaded with two police officers. i think we're going to go back to jenny for another update. she's at temple university hospital where two of the officers, three rather, are being treated. what's the latest where you are? >> 15 minutes. we've seen two families of victims rushed to the hospital. one was a woman with two small children. a second was brought in a philadelphia police cruiser here to the hospital with lights on rushing to try to find your loved one. you can see a number of officers still gathered here at the entrance to the emergency room.
2:58 pm
fop president earlier with our district attorney larry krasner here. probably stayed about 10 minutes. we tried to get him to come and talk to the media, talk to the people of philadelphia after five philadelphia police officers have been shot in a very active situation. but he he continued walking, he has since left temple hospital. at the camera right now on fop president john trying to get a handle on this situation, trying to make sure that his officers -- >> pardon the interruption, with just gotten a communication from the philly police department, there just warn citizens that the minutes of the building, which is believed to be a multi-family dwelling -- the man inside the building is again firing shots within the building and firing shots outside the building. they are warning everybody in the area to stay indoors. the hospital is still on lockdown. the neighborhood is locked down.
2:59 pm
police presence enormous in an active and ongoing same. >> handle the active situation, the reports that we are hearing from chris o'connell, from jeff, the active scene that's unfolding. >> a nightmare of a day for the families of those police officers. we know at least five have been shot, one hurt in an accident, a car accident, responding to the situation. as jenny just told us, some of those family members rushing to the hospital, but the good news at this point is it appears they are all going to be okay. they are responsive, they are alert. i think we have an update now from dave with new information. >> high-ranking official at temple hospital, six officers i'm now being told have been shot. 3r at einstein, 3r at temple. the good news, all nonlife-threatening injuries. nonlife-threatening injuries. according to the officials are just spoke to. to others including sergeant were entered in a car accident.
3:00 pm
also being treated i'm told, also their injuries. >> shepard: six officers shot, two officers injured in a car crash, no life-threatening injuries again in philadelphia. coverage continues now, "special report" with bret baier. >> bret: good evening, welcome to washington, i'm bret baier. breaking tonight, a standoff in north philadelphia, several police officers shot. at this hour, five, at least, we are getting information. it is an active scene has are looking live in philadelphia there. david lee miller is following the breaking story from our headquarters in new york today. it is changing, really, by the minute. >> indeed it is. this is an active and ongoing shooting situation in northwestern philadelphia. a massive police response in the nice town neighborhood. the entire area at this moment is on lockdown. police are warning residents to stay away from the area. a government is holding police officers at bay and an active firefight is underay


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